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View Crest Lodge uses my work for their website!

For those looking for a few nights stay near the lovely Trinidad, this place is perfect.

Click to Visit View Crest Lodge!Enjoy your stay! :)

Hello everyone!
It is my pleasure to share with you, a wonderful lodge I was hired to photograph for their new website.

You get a whole cottage all to yourself, and you can even have a hot tub!


Close to many coastal trails and surrounded by beautiful Redwood forests, View Crest Lodge is a great place to make a pit stop here in Northern California.  Trinidad is a couple minutes away, featuring beautiful views and wonderful shops and restaurants. 

Their rooms are quite nice and the view is great!  I encourage anyone interested to check them out and stay a few nights for your travels or weekend getaway.  Camping and RV parking available in the forest, too!


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My Photography Show at Cafe Nooner in Old Town! January Only! Visit between 11am and 4pm, Monday - Sunday, any day before the 31st!

So exciting!  I've been asked to showcase my work for January's Arts Alive, along with the rest of January!  Please take some time to grab a bite to eat and view my photographs at Cafe Nooner, in Old Town Eureka!  You can find the cafe at 409 Opera Alley, across the street from the Clark Museum.  

(I recommend the bacon cheeseburger, and the onion rings are great)

The photographs are for sale, and will be up until the day before the next Arts Alive, so get there before the 30th!  

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Holiday Season!! It's here!

Lots of things going on this time of year, so if you're interested in:

Senior Portraits
Family Sessions
Portraits for Holiday Cards and Stamps (yep, stamps)

or anything else you need photographed...

Contact me!! <
(goes to my contact page)

I also now offer Photo Books!  Now event coverage and wedding packages can include books with all your photos ready to flip through.  I believe photos should NEVER stop on the computer screen, they always have more feeling and meaning when printed, that's why I encourage them so much.  Who wants to sit by the fire or at the kitchen table with their family and friends, to poke an iPad or a smartphone?  Get prints, and focus on memories printed on beautiful paper, without the artificial glow of a screen projecting light that should be reflected.

I'm working on detailed pricing pages for this site, but for now I'm responding to individual quotes as usual, so use the contact link above to email me!
Get a spot quick before my time fills up, and Seniors don't procrastinate on this!  
Halloween is just around the corner, make it a safe one!

Click to Book a Session..Do it before you're too busy celebrating!

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Tour! Officially a travelling photographer!  

This month I have been battling lots of images, some of which came from a tour where I was on assignment not just as a photographer but as a merchandise sales manager for a touring metal band called Ænimus.  Check them out here.

This was the tour schedule, over 4,900 miles of driving, and I had to drive 400 miles to and from the start point!

View Larger Map

8/2 Santa Rosa, CA     The Arlene Francis Center
8/3 Las Vegas, NV       The Cheyenne Saloon
8/4 Canoga Park, CA   The Cobalt Cafe
8/5 Denver CO,            The Marquis
8/6 Albuquerque NM    BlackWater Music
8/7 Austin, TX               The Annex
8/8 San Antonio, TX      The White Rabbit
8/9 Mesa Arizona,          The Underground
8/10 Walnut Creek, CA  The Red House

Two of these trips hit the 1,000 mile mark, and another that was over 600!  I did a considerable amount of the driving and while not working the sales I was sleeping, driving, eating, or taking photos.  Stay tuned for lots and lots of beautiful landscape images from the trip, and some sick concert shots!

Still cranking away at the Relay for Life photos, wedding shots, previously mentioned shoots, and an architectural assignment for a local business.  So much in so little time, please bare with me!  I've got to do all the advertising, marketing, budget, footwork and maintenance along with the ordinary photography duties including hours of editing you never get to see.  Lots of behind-the-scenes work when you're dealing with several thousand photographs!  See you again soon!

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WHY I'm so busy:  

I've been doing it all!  Thanks to YOU spreading my name around and telling people about my work, my business is lifting up off the ground!  However, I'm super busy, and you deserve to know why, especially if you're waiting for images!  Some of my recent work includes:

Delivering edited photos from a wedding, and booking another!

Photographing THREE graduations!
(portions of HSU, most of MHS, and most of AHS which is in the works now!)














To relax, is my job now, but it's still a hobby I love, so car shows and birding shots mix their way into my relaxation time (as relaxing as carrying 30lbs of camera gear can be!!).  This past month I also volunteered about 16 hours of my time to photograph the 2013 Relay for Life at College of the Redwoods, and that was just for the event!  I expect many hours of editing to produce well over 300 images, and that could easily double.










I'm always doing portrait sessions and other photo shoots!









All the while booking new clients, and taking orders for fine art prints here and there.  Yes, I've been busy!  Believe me if I haven't put photos up, I probably haven't forgotten you, I just have THOUSANDS of photos to go through in a month!  If you are worried, don't hesitate to email me once every couple weeks.  

I don't anticipate this backlog of work to last too long, once my workflow smooths out!  Stay tuned, and watch my facebook page for discount opportunities and possibly even giveaways!  Thank you SO much for your support!  If you haven't already, please hit LIKE on my facebook page, or use the button below and share my page if you can!!

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New Camera! Stoked to have some new equipment to work with!  I strive to do my best with what I have, and I worked very hard to get where I am, so lets enjoy it together!  I can't wait to work with you, I'm gaining more and more clients every day, it's so exciting.

I've already found a new life in my work with this camera while photographing the recent HSU graduation and some drag racing.  To make things better, I have a wedding coming up in exactly two weeks.  So excited!!  

Send me a message for prints, to get a shoot together!  Let's get this ball rollin'.

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Update 12/5/2012 Thanks to all my clients and those supporting my work!  I want you all to know that I just had a problem develop with my computer and it may be down for two weeks or so, my sincere apologies.  I will still be available for work and contact through normal channels, updates will just be scarce for a bit.

Thanks and please continue to come back to my site!  I'm making changes all the time, as much as I can!

Here are some of the shots from a recent shoot, check out this album for more:



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Let’s Connect by =Figit090

Let’s Connect by =Figit090

(Andrew Sible) Thu, 26 Jan 2012 02:55:27 GMT
Tilt by =Figit090

Tilt by =Figit090

(Andrew Sible) Fri, 04 Nov 2011 02:04:21 GMT
Dew by =Figit090

Dew by =Figit090

(Andrew Sible) Fri, 04 Nov 2011 02:04:06 GMT
Deebs by =Figit090

Deebs by =Figit090

(Andrew Sible) Sun, 16 Oct 2011 14:01:55 GMT
Awesome Show by =Figit090 That it was.  :)

Awesome Show by =Figit090

That it was.  :)

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Up in the air Everything in my life feels this way right...

Up in the air 

Everything in my life feels this way right now.

I’m not sure if I like it.

Photo: me
Model: me
Temp: cold.

(Andrew Sible) Sat, 13 Aug 2011 02:19:46 GMT
I liked the first four or so, now I’m tired of...

I liked the first four or so, now I’m tired of them…

The other is still good though.  :)

…..and no, I’m not tired of the v8!  :D

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"…stay in the present and work towards the future without coveting it."
- Matt Wills]]>
(Andrew Sible) Thu, 11 Aug 2011 01:22:00 GMT
I made a caption for this on deviantART in relation to life...

I made a caption for this on deviantART in relation to life events and how the photo suddenly resonated with thoughts I was having, not the thoughts I had while taking the shot that’s for sure. It’s interesting to look back on how I felt…

I’m not sure what to think.  Maybe I should take my own words from then as advice and just look away again…

(Andrew Sible) Thu, 11 Aug 2011 00:48:58 GMT
Blown Boss by =Figit090

Blown Boss by =Figit090

(Andrew Sible) Thu, 11 Aug 2011 00:41:00 GMT
Andrew Sible Photography Andrew Sible Photography:

First post might as well share my photography portfolio, it’s a start!

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