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Interactive and Panoramic Views of the Wedding


Below are a few interactive views of the wedding!  I hope you enjoy them!
These require Microsoft's "Silverlight" browser plugin, you will be prompted below if you need to install it.  ActiveX must also be enabled.

Once that is taken care of you should see "click to view" over each image.
In viewing, there are two buttons to zoom, and one to activate full-screen which I highly recommend.  You can pan around by clicking your mouse and freely zoom with your scroll wheel.



Below is another interactive view, which is a collection of some of the wedding photos arranged in a 3D environment based on what they depict.  By using the arrow keys you can move around and watch new images appear from near by!  If you would like to give me valuable feedback on what you think of the features on this page, you can in my public guestbook or send me a private email via my contact page.



 I hope you enjoyed these displays, your feedback will help me decide whether to employ them in the future!  Enjoy some static panoramas below.  Thank you all for your beautiful smiles, and best wishes to the newlyweds!

Andrew Sible,

Click to view